Meet our Farm Animals

We loved growing up on the farm, and now we want to share that experience with others!  The Grotto Gardens farm animals include chickens, peacocks, pigs, donkeys, sheep, and of course our star attraction, our goats!  Watch for a new addition to our barnyard family coming soon!

Our goats are the star attraction at Grotto Gardens. Hand feed them some of the pellets onsite, encourage them to climb the goat walk, or take one of our goat yoga classes with them!
Our three little pigs are the cutest!
Chickens at Grotto Gardens.
Chickens rule the roost here!
Donkeys at Grotto Gardens
Our donkeys love to visit!
Baby Doll Sheep
Our Baby Doll Sheep are so fluffy!
Peacocks at Grotto Gardens
Watch our Peacocks strut their stuff!